Listen: Kutski’s all-time top five hard dance tracks

As the resident DJ for BBC Radio 1’s weekly hard dance music show, Kutski is probably one of the most qualified people in the world to provide a definitive list of incredible hard dance tracks. He’s also landing in Sydney soon to play Defqon.1, so we pulled him aside to quiz him on his all-time top five.

Showtek – Colours Of The Harder Styles (Defqon.1 Anthem 2006)

“At a time when hardstyle was getting out of control with the crazy screeches and the noisiest tracks dominating the scene, Showtek delivered this cool, understated anthem for the year’s biggest hardstyle event. Dubby in comparison to everything else that was going on at the time, the pounding kick and sub bass groove still sound fresh today, and the simple yet infectious melody has become timeless. This was also the first year I played Defqon.1 festival in Holland so this anthem will always hold a special place in my heart.”

DJ Outblast – Eardrums

“One of my favourite eras in European hardcore was the turn of the millennium, the ‘nustyle’. This track personally takes me back to the huge underground warehouse style parties in the UK like Compulsion, Helter Skelter, Dreamscape etc., when DJs like Scott Brown would finish their sets with this track. I loved it so much, a few years ago myself and Bioweapon (Audiofreq & Code Black) made a remix of this for our sets, which Marc Outblast liked so much he signed it as an official remix on Masters Of Hardcore! Pretty cool huh!”

Altern-8 – E-Vapor-8

“If I had to pick one track that encompasses where my roots in music are this would have to be it. Released at the peak of the UK’s illegal rave scene in 1992, I loved this track, despite being too young to be involved in the scene. Just watching the music video for it now on YouTube makes me want to go and invent a fucking time machine to go back and get my white gloves and whistle on! Top one, nice one, get sorted…”

Arome – Hands Up (Scot Project Remix)

“In 2002 I was playing what was very much a UK sound, hard house/UK hardcore. I remember hearing a London DJ Roosta play Hands Up for the first time, and fighting my way to the DJ box to find out what the track was. From here I discovered a whole new world of hard trance and early hardstyle. This track possibly has the best build-up and climax of any dance music track, ever!”

Tony De Vit – Are You All Ready

“Another pivotal track for me. Back in 1998 I was a full-on hardcore raver and aspiring DJ. If it wasn’t hardcore, I wasn’t interested. I heard DJ Billy Daniel Bunter start one of his sets with this track that was slower than everything I knew to be hardcore, but it was pounding with a crazy rave hoover and so much energy. It turned out to be Tony De Vit’s hard house classic from a few years earlier. At this point the penny dropped that if I looked outside of the scene I was involved in for fresh music, I could get killer tracks that other DJs in the scene wouldn’t have picked up on, and I still hold that philosophy today!”