Lido hits out at major labels for “declaring war” on SoundCloud


From mixes being pulled down to artist’s own tracks disappearing over “copyright issues”, SoundCloud’s ongoing legal problems are hard to ignore.

While some labels are negotiating licensing agreements with the Berlin-based streaming service, others are pulling their catalogues over a “lack of monetisation opportunities”. It’s a state of affairs that has put artists like Lido offside – after his own SoundCloud account was frozen this week, the Norwegian name hit out at the major labels who are “declaring war” on the music platform and getting remixes pulled down.

With 175 million listeners around the world each month, SoundCloud has become ubiquitous in the fast-moving world of dance music, where remixes often premiere months before getting an official label release. In Lido’s view, pulling those remixes – official or otherwise – means that labels are “fucking their own artists over”.

That “one last thing” was a cover of Alessia Cara hit Here, uploaded to a new SoundCloud account this week. The track features Lido’s own vocals and re-worked lyrics, which take aim at the music industry, rider-guzzling vultures and label bigwigs (see: “this balding rich executive doesn’t understand his record isn’t suffering from a flip I did, he’s scared”).

Hear it below, but be quick about it – as Lido unhappily tweeted, “it’s probably gonna get taken down very quickly.” [Article image by Liam Simmons]