‘Let’s Go Dancing’ hitmakers Tiga and Audion are back with a new EP

Back in 2013, friends and production masterminds Tiga and Audion teamed-up on a little tune called Let’s Go Dancing. It quickly became one of the year’s biggest tracks, dominating clubs from Ibiza to New York with nearly nine minutes of trippy, propulsive magic.

The superduo reunited in 2014 with Fever and now, they’re back with another dose of late night gold. Over the weekend Tiga and Audion unveiled the new three-track EP Nightclub, out now on Turbo Recordings.

In true Tiga style, the EP has been accompanied by some very amusing commentary on he and Audion’s ‘creative process’: “After careful study, we came to the conclusion that the worse the titles, the more ‘techno’ the tracks,” Tiga explained on SoundCloud.

“A-side Stabbed in the Back takes its name from the fact that the track has keyboard stabs in it. Maybe my least favourite title of anything I’ve ever done, which is remarkable considering the runner-up was an unreleased stab-free track called Doctors Without Keyboards.

Pink Bells was originally called The Bells but I was told that this guy Geoff had already used it. Nonstop got its name from the fact that I was really on a roll with bad titles at the time.” Enjoy all three tracks – and their questionable titles – below.