The latest Deadmau5 Twitter beef has ghost production, Madeon and more

Back in 2008, Joel ‘Deadmau5’ Zimmerman ghost produced three tracks for a then-Mau5trap recruit by the name of Glenn Morrison.

“I literally donated him No Sudden Moves and Contact because they were too much in the same vein as [Deadmau5 track] Not Exactly at the time, so I unloaded the masters to Glenn to release for some stupid ass reason I’ll never fully understand,” Joel explained on a forum years later. “Sadly, yes, there are still quite a handful of ‘producers’ that can’t produce…ghost writing is the faux pas term for what everyone likes to call “executive producer” these days…. I guess it sounds less untalented or something.”

Nearly ten years after Deadmau5 “donated” those tracks, it seems he and Glenn haven’t maintained the friendship. Yesterday the pair got tangled in a particularly nasty Twitter beef that kicked off when Joel made a joke about Glenn’s history with ghost producers – Morrison hit back calling the mau5 an “insecure c*nt,” and Joel repeatedly asked him to “shut the fuck up.”

Then (in since deleted Tweet), French prodigy Madeon jumped in to say that he, too, had ghost produced for Morrison (Madeon’s assessment: “He’s horrible”). Enjoy all of the tweets below and keep scrolling to hear Deadmau5 Glenn Morrison’s No Sudden Moves.