Kutski: The hard dance authority

Kutski remains one of the world’s leading ambassadors of all things hard dance, and this weekend the British heavy-hitter has set his sights on Magic City. His set is a back-to-back face-off with BRK3, the alter-egos of our very own Bioweapon. Ahead of the showdown, we bailed up Kutski about his mixtape habit, upcoming studio work and insider knowledge of what’s happening in hard dance.

As one of the main players in the European hard dance scene, what’s the latest news you can share with us?

Well, obviously I am in a position to hear a lot of sensitive information, and it would be very unprofessional of me to divulge a lot of that info. But I can let you know Alex Kidd recently had a sex change, Organ Donors are not actually brothers…more like ‘lovers’, Phil York really has brown hair (he dyes it ginger as a PR stunt), Sam and Corey from Bioweapon have now officially swapped names, and I’m retiring after this tour!

Who are your biggest influences in the music scene?

I listen to so much different music, so I really am influenced by a lot of different sounds and styles, from dubstep to death metal. But to drop a few names off the top of my head: Jaguar Skills, Feature Cast, DJ Crazy, Spinbad, Slipmatt, Billy Bunter, Plastician. These are all outside of what I do myself, but give me influence and inspiration to take back to my style.

Besides your producing and DJing, you also host your own Radio 1 show in the UK. If you have spare time, how do you usually spend it?

I’m a geek with computer games so I like a good game on the Playstation (when it works). And I am also really into my retro gaming, so anything from Bombjack to Golden Axe turns me on greatly.

But the main thing I do with my spare time is work on mixtapes of various styles of music. I don’t mean just record a mix. I mean the real art of making a ‘mixtape’ like the hip hop DJs of the ‘80s – all kinds of crazy music thrown in, scratching, heavily mixed, 60-tracks-in-an-hour type thing! I’ve always loved the art of making mixtapes and I don’t think I’ll ever tire of it.

What are the three best and worst things about the UK?

Best: Leeds United; Rave music (early 90s); Weather (Slag it all you want, we get the full range and I like that).

Worst: Fuel prices; Road congestion; How long it takes to travel to Australia from here.

Have you ever tried any typical Aussie activities during one of your previous visits – like throwing a boomerang, playing a didgeridoo, or surfing at Bondi?

I threw a boomerang once, but it accidentally came back and got stuck in Corey from Bioweapon’s hair. Since that incident we all agreed it’s best for him to sick to British things (I think it’s still in there actually?).

We saw a video on YouTube that you have been in studio with Technoboy and Tuneboy working on a collab. Can you tell us more about that?

Yeah, I’ve been a massive fan of both Technoboy and Tuneboy for years! I was over in Italy to do an interview with them for my BBC Radio 1 show, and they suggested as I was over, if I would like to join them in the studio for a few extra days and work on a track together. Needless to say I took their arm off at the opportunity, and the resulting track is awesome.