Krewella: The 5 best things about EDM in 2013

Krewella are almost the personification of the revolution that EDM is undergoing right now, particularly in the USA. Their knack for songwriting and pop hooks has brought a pretty niche genre (filthy electro-house and dubstep) out to a much wider audience, and their live shows are renowned as passionate, escapist rituals. We’ve got the trio on hand as guest editors all this week at inthemix while they’re in the country for Stereosonic: we’ve already found out their five tips for making a great album and five tactics for killer live shows, but to finish things up we wanted to find out what they’re loving the most about the EDM wave they’re riding.

#5 The festivals

“There is no musical place on earth more colourful and exciting than an electronic festival.”

#4 How quickly your music can go viral

“People who love electronic music are constantly on a search for new tracks, with their finger on the pulse of the internet. It’s so easy to share songs and distribute music so that you can lend others your music taste or break into the scene as an artist yourself.”

#3 The ability to transcend age, race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. to reach a deeper place

“Electronic music is to the new age of people as punk rock was for us. It understood us, didn’t discriminate, it made us feel like losing control, and was our shoulder to lean on in hard times.”

#2 The fans

“They are lively, vibrant, open-minding people who just wanna fucking dance with you.”

#1 The love

“There is no other music scene that preaches the amount of love that the EDM scene does, and it’s a beautiful thing. This music is about sharing, living, loving, learning, being free, and completely being yourself, without a single fear.”