Krewella: 5 things we’ve learnt about playing killer live shows

All this week we’ve got Krewella guest-editing inthemix as they criss-cross Australia on the Stereosonic tour. The trio’s profile is getting bigger by the day, thanks in part to the effortless combination of pop hooks and dirty bass drops on their debut album Get Wet (on iTunes here), but more importantly, because of the pure manic energy of their live shows. Krewella are match-fit when it comes to live performing, so we wanted to find out the most important things they’ve learnt about putting on a raging live show.

#5 Interact with the crowd

“Don’t pretend like there is a wall between you and them; they came to see you, now find a way to connect with them that they’ll walk away remembering forever.”

#4 Choose tracks that are true to yourself

“Even if you aren’t playing what’s top-10 popular, take risks. The greatest thing about being a DJ is introducing people to a style or type of music that they had no intention of liking, but you made them enjoy themselves and dance anyway.”

#3 Lose yourself in the songs you’re performing

“Even if the crowd isn’t as crazy one night, you still have to give it 100000% for that one fan raging their face off in the front row.”

#2 Alcohol/smoking and singing do not mix well

“Take care of your body and your body will be a powerhouse through even the most strenuous performances.”