Krewella: 5 things we learnt making hit album ‘Get Wet’

Chicago trio Krewella meld the heaviness of electro-house, dubstep and drum’n’bass with a refined ear for a pop hook, as evidenced by the success of their debut album Get Wet, which hit number one on the US dance charts. The vocalist sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf and producer Kris ‘Rain Man’ Trind, who are in the country right now for Stereosonic, are taking over inthemix as Guest Editors all this week. We’ll be finding out what they’ve learnt about playing crazy live shows and what their favourite things are about the exploding EDM scene: But first, we asked for the five key things they learnt during the making of their hit album Get Wet.

#5 The importance of endless list-making

“It helped us narrow down the 12 (plus two bonus) tracks that would make it on the album. We had probably more than 50 demos of songs to sift through and it was quite difficult to let some songs go.”

#4 Making sure that the artwork embodied what the music was trying to say

“We started to work with a visual artist after we knew what songs would make the album, and we wanted it to be as explosive and ‘wet’ looking as possible to represent the album as a whole.”

#3 Finding a balance in the types of songs

”…yet also throwing caution to the wind when thinking of ‘pleasing everyone’. There is no such thing as everyone liking your album, so you have to come to terms with that and move on so you can make the most amazing piece of art you possibly can.”

#2 That collaborative studio sessions are amazing

“All of the writers and producers we collaborated with were amazing (the most exciting probably being Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy). The process of writing and creating with people outside of the three of us was a mind opening experience and we learned so much to better ourselves as artists.”

#1 Trying never to limit ourselves in what we could accomplish

“We tried our best to stay away from the word ‘no’ and test out/experiment with new techniques and styles of music.”