Krafty Kuts – Freakshow (Limited Edition 2008 Big Day Out)

Timed to coincide with Krafty Kuts’ appearances in the Boiler Room of the Big Day Out right across thne country, comes a limited edition of the his debut artist album Freakshow. The first disc of this double decker is the same LP that was released a couple of years ago to huge acclaim: containing some proper belters like Bass Phenomenon, There They Go, Tell Me How you Feel, and Basketball Jam, this album was caned everywhere that breaks-friendly vibes were welcomed. Helped out by guests like Ashley Slater, Dynamite MC, Yolanda, A-Skillz, and the Scratch Perverts, this is an album that stands the test of time. Well… It still sounds pretty funky and driving two years after its release, which is a long time in dance music, I guess.

Like the sets of Krafty himself, Freakshow straddles many different genres of broken beat, taking you on a journey through turntable tricks, funky hiphop, party breaks, a little samba shake and some driving dancefloor bombs. But you know all this right? You’ve all heard this LP yeah? So what makes this re-release special? Well, the extra special added disc of remixes may arouse your interest. The mashup single Dynamite Love with the Freestylers is the current single from these artists, and is getting rinsed on radio at the minute. It really is a cracker. DJ Icey’s version of Through The Door is also a decent rework.

Three different remixes of Bass Phenomenon (der ner ner!) appear courtesy of Jesse Rose, Breakdown Sound and DJ Friction, the latter being on the drum n’ bass tip. Australia’s fave Kid Kenobi has a go at Tell Me How You Feel with his mate Rogue Element which has tough electronic edge. Fresh act The Bodysnatchers, scenesters The Young Punx and Krafty himself also have a crack at twisting the beats on a couple of other tracks off the main disc. All cuts on the bonus disc are full-length club tracks so aspiring DJs may be interested in helping contribute to the Krafty world domination plan by slamming these at their next party.

From all reports, Krafty raised the roof at his recent Big Day Out gigs. I managed to catch a club set recently and he’s still got the tricks, track selection and production experience that has put him near the top of the tree in terms of upfront DJs (whilst also delivering a fair slice of crowd friendly cheese). While not exactly completely fresh, this package is a body shaking delight.