Knife Party give us the inside story

Having just closed out a whirlwind New Year’s festival tour, Pendulum won’t be taking the stage again anywhere in the world until 2013. While now could be the time for the six-strong band to retreat to a beachside resort somewhere, the members are instead getting busy with other endeavours.

The highest-profile of these side-projects is Knife Party, the club-smashing studio offshoot from Pendulum originals Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen. Knife Party will of course be here at the tail-end of summer to lead their own stage at Future Music Festival, and inthemix caught up with Gareth while he was in Australia to hear straight from the source how the Party started.

“It’s really quite underground and it’s something that we can use as a creative outlet until we’re hit in the face with inspiration for the next Pendulum album,” he explained. “We launched it officially in Ibiza over [the last European] summer and it was for Radio 1.

“Musically the project just comes from different influences. I’ve just been really gripped by two things recently; house music and dubstep. We were just throwing ideas around and using that as a vehicle for stuff that was completely irrelevant to Pendulum. These ideas went from screamo metal tracks to moombahton and dubstep and house.”

The results of the Knife Party experiment were recently showcased on the duo’s free EP 100% No Modern Talking, which ratcheted up 20,000 downloads on the morning it went online. As Gareth explained to us, the distinct four-four influence on the EP was inspired by fratenising with the superstar FMF 2012 headliners.

“We found ourselves hanging out with a lot of the guys on the house circuit like Swedish House Mafia and Steve Angello and as we were writing everything just seemed to take shape,” he went on.

“Steve was on the Future Music Festival tour with us in 2011 and he would be playing after us every night and he’d see the energy that we could create from the crowd and I think that impressed him.

“But in their world those guys are larger than life. There’s something about the Swedes, I think; if you take the top guys in the house scene and look at what you’ve got you’ll see that there’s something that really separates the Swedes from the rest. They might all fly on private jets and act like rock stars but musically they’re just amazing. They’re like Motley Crue for the house scene. They’ve really ‘got’ us and we get them too.”