Kazantip festival has been cancelled by police

Just yesterday we reported that infamous festival Kazantip had been cancelled by disapproving authorities, before a bureaucratic change of heart saved the event’s fate at the eleventh hour. But now, it seems things are once again off for the Russian-run festival, which was due to be held on Koh Puos Island in Cambodia all of this week.

The Cambodia Daily has reported that Kazantip – which was meant to kick off today – has been shut down by police. Officials are citing “indecent tourism” as the reason for the cancellation, with military police deployed to block the bridge linking the island to the mainland and prevent the festival from going ahead.

“Provincial authorities have totally cancelled the Kazantip concert on Koh Puos and now we have deployed our forces to block [the bridge],” Provincial Deputy Governer Chhin Seng Nguon said. “Our principal focus is on ecotourism and cultural tourism and we don’t need indecent tourism.”

Kazantip have made no public announcement about the festival’s fate, but have updated their website with a brief, cryptic message: “I hope no one doubts that the Republic is able to move in space rapidly and create colonies within a few months,” the homepage now reads.

Earlier this month, Kazantip was cancelled by local authorities concerned over the event’s potential for “a lot of sexy activities including sexy dancing, having sex in public and gambling.” But just a few days later, Provincial Governor Chhit Sokhom relented and announced he’d allow the event to go forward if organisers and punters agreed to respect local customs.

Kazantip was held on the Crimean Peninsula for many years before civil unrest in the region forced its moved to Georgia in 2014. But when Georgian authorities took a distaste to the festival’s freewheeling nature, Kazantip again sought a new home, this time in Cambodia. The festivals reputation for hedonism precedes its – find out why here.