Kaskade uploads his classic debut album in full, makes our day

Heading into the month hosting Valentine’s Day, Kaskade has a very special edition of his weekly “Free Music Monday” that serves to remind us all that a soulful, groovy Ryan Raddon swayed tiny clubs to the core with deep, soulful house music before evolving into the festival mainstay we see today.

The producer uploaded his 2003 debut album It’s You, It’s Me to YouTube today in its entirety, providing fans with thirteen slices of solid, smooth house music, including tracks like Seeing Julie and his very first single from 2001, What I Say.

More than a decade after its initial release – Raddon re-released a special deluxe edition of the album in 2013 for its 10-year anniversary – It’s You, It’s Me proves to be virtually timeless, with tracks still heard at after-hours gatherings today. His recent Redux tour shows that, as mighty as Kaskade’s festival reign may ring in today’s EDM-centric environment, he still feels the intimate groove that gave him his start.

From here on out, expect more Kaskade freebies by the week, as he declared earlier on Facebook: “New free music every Monday, until the entire catalogue is up. That’s the plan.” Check out the title track below, and listen to the rest of the album – in convenient playlist form – on YouTube.

It’s You, It’s Me tracklist

1. Meditation to the Groove

2. I Feel Like

3. What I Say (Soft Shuffle Mix)

4. This Rhythm

5. Mak Mop

6. Seeing Julie

7. It’s You, It’s Me

8. Get Busy

9. Tonight

10. Charlie’s Plight

11. My Time

12. Call Me Wise

13. Close