Kaskade schools U.S. media: “EDM is not the new kid on the block”

From his days making deep house on Om Records in the early 2000s through to his current standing as one of America’s highest-selling dance acts, Kaskade’s been around. With the U.S. currently in the throes of dance music – or ‘EDM’, to use the local lingo – hysteria, he’s routinely seen on the country’s biggest stages. With the new landscape comes new misconceptions, a topic the DJ-producer wrote about recently on his always-interesting Tumblr. The reason he took to the keyboard: journalists who ask him how electronic dance music “sprang out of nowhere”. According to Kaskade, the press often misses a huge part of the picture.

“These journalists make their Santa Claus sparkly eyes, enthusiastic and curious as to how EDM could just pop onto the music scene, ‘poof’, and then dominate festivals, nightclubs, arenas, charts and even be given our own category at the Grammys,” he writes. “Out of nowhere. From nothingness. Just a little push from Gaga, a pinch of cheeky mainstream from the Swedish House Mafia, a hint of Bangarang from Skrillex and voila! A new musical superpower was born.”

As his post goes on, there’s of course a rich history that isn’t on the radar of journalists looking to cover the hot new thing. “Put simply, EDM is not the new kid on the block,” Kaskade adds. “It is not a trend and it is not burning hot and fast. We’ve been lurking and making back alley pushes to help music as a whole for ages. So while our real estate has changed, we’ve been here taking notes and calling shots since before some of our biggest fans were born.” You can (and should!) read the full post here.

In 2011, the U.S. star voiced a similar argument in an interview with inthemix, reflecting on mainstream hip-hop’s co-opting of dance music. “It is a little sad that some of these [hip-hop and pop] guys don’t know the history of it, because there is a rich and gratifying history in America with this music,” he said. “And many people have been chugging along in the underground and have still carried the torch.”

In other Kaskade news, there’s set to be a new album in 2013, following 2011’s Fire & Ice. “I’m hoping to have it out early next year – by March or April if I can stick to my deadlines and get it finished by the end of the year,” he told Billboard. Expect to hear some new bits and pieces when he hits the Boiler Room at Big Day Out.