Kaskade kicked off the decks “countless times”

In the last days of 2012, DJ Shadow shared ‘The Infamous South Beach Set’ that got him kicked off the decks at Miami’s Mansion nightclub. “I’ve waited a long time to play here,” he told the dancefloor after getting the tap on the shoulder, “but they said this shit is too future.” The widely-publicised incident, which prompted an apology from Mansion, certainly wasn’t the first of its kind in 2012. Speaking to U.S. house hero Kaskade down the line from his L.A. home this morning, inthemix asked if he’s ever been kicked off the decks.

“I’ve been kicked off the decks so many times in my career, I’ve lost count,” Kaskade laughed. “That’s happened to me countless times. I think that’s in the nature of what DJs do. If you’re [a promoter] not up on what’s happening in electronic music culture, then you might think you can just get someone in to play the hits, and they don’t know we’ve moved beyond that. Shadow’s going to come in and most likely play things he’s produced and music from his friends and people he’s got behind. It’s not going to be the hits.”

As Kaskade sees it, DJs being cut short isn’t necessarily happening more nowadays – it’s just much easier to hear about it. “Now it’s interesting because of where social media is at,” he told inthemix. “When somebody gets kicked off the decks, like Mark Farina or Dennis Ferrer, everybody knows about it instantly. Now you can talk to the club directly, like, ‘What, are you guys idiots? Kicking off a legend?’

“Before, when I got kicked off the decks, it was pre-Twitter. The last time it happened was in Miami at Winter Music Conference in front of 7,000 people. It wasn’t that long ago; right around the time when Twitter was just starting. I think that’s the last time it happened, or maybe it’s just the last one I remember, ‘cause it was in front of such a large audience!”

Kaskade is set to land in Australia in a matter of weeks for the first weekend of the Big Day Out tour. Stay tuned for the full interview on inthemix very soon.