Josh Young Speaks On Why He Split From Flosstradamus

Last December, Flosstradamus fans got the news that Josh Young, one half of the hitmaking duo, was leaving the project.

In a video posted to his Instagram, Young broke the news that he was leaving to focus full time on his new project YehMe2. “I came to this decision at the end of summer, but due to circumstances outside of my control I wasn’t able to make this announcement until after the Flosstradamus tour ended,” he told fans at the time.

Now in a new interview with Run The Trap, Young has opened up a little more about his split from the duo he dedicated 10 years of his life to, and admitted that having “creative control” of his own career was a deciding factor.

“It was extremely difficult,” Young said. “After putting so much time and energy into the project it was a tough choice to make, but I felt it was time to let go.

“There are some factors I’m willing to discuss publicly and some that I’m not. Mainly in addition to wanting to spend more time with my family, I wanted to take creative control of my career, music and artistic vision.”

“When it came to music we didn’t collaborate,” he added. “Songs were usually produced by one of us. Curt usually produced the originals, and I usually handled remixes and collabs. I don’t miss sharing [that] creative responsibility.”

Young also confessed he’s found it difficult to outlive the “hypeman stigma” now that he’s left the duo.

“In the last year I’ve dropped 2 mixtapes, 60+ tracks and remixes and yet I still get people saying ‘all you do is yell on the mic.’ But as frustrating as that is, it’s a slight annoyance in the big scheme of things. Overall I’m just stoked on the shit I’m making.”

Listen to Young’s latest release as YehMe2 below: