John Askew rips into Steve Aoki and David Guetta’s “car crash” sets

Acid-tongued underground trance stalwart John Askew may have written an opinion piece for inthemix last year arguing that, contrary to his prior sprays against “EDM”, he does truly value the new fans that big-room acts have brought to dance music.

But it seems like he may have revised that opinion in light of Steve Aoki and David Guetta’s sets at Tomorrowland last month. The two mainstage champions famously dropped a pair of rather questionable selections at the massive Belgian festival: showman Steve Aoki played his remix of the Titanic theme song (Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On), while Guetta premiered his new big-room remix of kindergarten nursery rhyme If You’re Happy and You Know It (Clap Your Hands).

And Askew is not best pleased with this extraordinary display of infantilism. Last Friday he posted the video of Steve Aoki’s Titanic remix to Facebook, with an accompanying rant that rips into the two acts of “utter musical criminality”.

“I don’t know who’s the bigger tool,” Askew begins, “Aoki or the thousands of bell ends standing there watching and singing along to this car crash atrocity… Surely this is the final straw? Surely it can’t go any lower – can it?”

Askew pines for the days when festival headliners were lauded for pushing boundaries and new sounds, and experimenting with technology. “Now we have nursery rhymes and Celine c**ting Dion covers,” he writes. “What’s next? Musical chairs? Musical statues? Guest appearances from the Teletubbies or Bob The Builder? …

”’We’re going to do the Titanic together!’ No we’re not. You are. Alone. Hopefully somewhere far away in the North Atlantic Ocean where there are plenty of icebergs but absolutely no internet connection. Good day to you.” Scroll down to read Askew’s full, hilarious, spray against Aoki and Guetta.