Jimmy B: Heineken Thirst champ

Perth’s Jimmy B recently proved to his employers once and for all that his place is behind the turntables and not the lighting desk as he took out the national Heineken Thirst Competition in Sydney. ITM’s Karlsav recently caught up with Jimmy for a quick yarn about the win and how life has changed for the champ.

How did you get into DJ’ing and what styles do you play?
I was a bit of a bogan for most of my teenage years into all the heavy metal, I bought a Bad Company tune first up and that got me started with drum and bass. From there it developed from listening to most styles of dance music. Whilst I love my breaks and drum n bass, I do play a bit of electro as well..

And where abouts have you been playing out and about the last year or so?
Ambar for Japan4 and the ‘Roller’ for Drum and Bass once.

How did you end up playing at Ambar?
Well its interesting because I initially started working at Ambar as I was the lighting guy for quite some time, and eventually when I was good enough to put a mix cd together and felt confident enough to play a set in a club, I handed it in, played my first set which my dear mother and sister came to see. I had a pretty good response from the crowd that was there that night and  I have been playing there regularly about once a month since.

And how did the Thirst National Final go!
That was an absolutely awesome night. We had a sound check during the day and it was revealed that we would be playing on the new pioneer dvd players. All the Dj’s were of a very high standard and It was a very pleasant surprise when it was announced that it would be me and the NSW finalist that would have a 10 minute “spin off” to decide who would be the winner as the judges couldn’t split us. When it was announced that I was the winner I couldn’t believe it. It all didn’t sink in until a few hours later when I had time to settle down after interviews and exchanging contact details with people. Everyone was so friendly and the atomosphere was awesome. It is definitely the highlight of my Dj’ing so far!

What did you win?
A Pioneer CDJ Mk2, a Pioneer FX rack, and some Ableton software.

Any plans for production?
For sure, that’s what I am itching to get into, I’d love to be able to play my own tunes out and about. I just need to get enough $$$$ together to get a decent PC!

You were recently in Jakarta for the regional finals, how did that go?
Not as well as I had hoped! It was a great experience going to another country to play off against Malaysia and Vietnam. Unfortunately I didn’t play as well as I hoped I would have after a hectic schedule since arriving with interviews, sightseeing and lack of sleep but nonetheless it was a great experience and the eventual winners from Malaysia were amazing and thoroughly deserved to win.

Any shout out’s or people you would like to thank?
Absolutely, MASSIVE thanks to Micah for nominating me for the competition. Thanks to my Mum and my Sister for making the trip to Sydney for the national competition, thanks to Dj Cam, another finalist in the WA leg of the competition for coming over to Jakarta and seeing the regional final and thanks to all those that voted for me to get to the national final!

So where can we see you play out and about?
Japan4 on Saturday nights at Ambar Nightclub and hopefully with the Found at Thirst win, I can get a few more gigs with the Drum and Bass crew.