Jazzanova exhibit absolute perfection

The name Jazzanova has long been synonymous with high level production and cutting edge sounds. Their white labels can be found in corners of London’s malaise of record shops for as much as 14 Pounds Sterling. Jürgen von Knoblauch and Claas Brieler, two of Jazzanova’s DJ team, have names as complicated as the music they make, (mental note: look into relationship between artist name and complexity of music) and they sat down to enlighten the masses on the Jazzanova method. My theory seems to gain momentum upon discovery of the rest of the band’s names: Alexander Barck, Stefan Leisering, Axel Reinemer and Roskow Kretschmann (Kosma).

Back in the days of Delicious Doughnuts in Berlin, Jürgen, Claas and Alexander were a DJ team ripping up the decks together (which consequently describes the modern Jazzanova live show) when they met fellow Doughnuts Stefan, Axel and Kosma. Their tastes came together like fat girls and chocolate shops. Jürgen elaborates, “We came from different backgrounds, but when it comes to music we can definitely trust each other, all of our free time we spend record hunting.”

In the evolution of a Jazzanova track, the modus operandi is an ever-changing beast, as is their style and sound. However, like their tight but warm tracks, there is always a firm direction. “First we talk about it, we do everything together; we try to work out the idea behind a track. Then comes the ingredients, but the idea has to be there first.”

“It is like a mustard seed, which is the smallest seed you plant in the ground.” – Mark 4:31

“Our sound is unique, and it comes from many things,” Jürgen begins, tentatively, to try to nail down the common thread in Jazzanova’s plethora of sounds. “It starts with the sources we use, the ideas behind it, the arrangements and the complexity means that we put a lot of effort into it. At the same time we want it to be easy to consume. It shouldn’t be only for the connoisseur. We are music lovers in the first place and Alex always says that we do music lovers music. It isn’t nu-jazz; we don’t call it that, it is just a pigeon-hole.”

But to put the whole thing in historical perspective, he continues, unabashed, “We realize that there has been a lot of music before us that was not recognized over the last 30 years, a lot of fusion of styles, interesting things. The word fusion has been used to mean the fusion of rock and jazz. Our fusion is global fusion, paying attention to each and every style of music. To get to our sound, we fuse many different elements together.”

Claas went on to reminisce about their first German venue and how Honkytonks in Melbourne was very similar, with its close atmosphere bathed in style and comfort. From classy German bars to classy Australian bars, Jazzanova is the thinking man’s music for the man who doesn’t want to think.

Look out for their latest release, In Between, through Creative Vibes.