Jaytech talks new Anjunabeats album with ITM

The profile of ACT prodigal son James Cayzer, aka Jaytech, has been steadily on the rise in recent years, since he was adopted by UK trance trio Above & Beyond as the star producer for their progressive Anjunadeep label offshoot. Just as gradually though, Jaytech has been seduced by the mainroom sounds of the trance scene, and his upcoming sophomore Multiverse album will signal his shift to the Anjunabeats stable for future releases.

Speaking to ITM from his adopted home of Berlin, Jaytech says the shift has been a gradual one during the decade he’s been making music. “When I released my first album, there was this suggestion I could shift into trance music, and that if I took a more trance-orientated approach then it might do really good things for me,” he says. “But I always felt that if I just woke up one day and started writing records the same as the other trance guys at the time, it just wouldn’t have been very graceful. I think a lot of people would have hated it.”

Instead, he claims he was always somewhat floating in that direction, though the real clincher was spending the better part of three years warming up the crowd for Above & Beyond. “After basically spending half my life at trance parties, it’s kind of hard not to be influenced. I grew to really like that scene, and I also feel that trance itself has throttled it back a little, moving back in my own direction as well…slowing down the BPMs, it’s more clever and tactful in its approach than it was say five or ten years ago. To arrive there, I didn’t really have to move all that much in the end, because in a sense it came to me.”

Jaytech still resists the label of a ‘trance’ DJ/producer though, painting Multiverse as a stepping-stone in that direction. “It’s made up of a of broad range of styles, not only in the trance direction, but also in some others that are quite new to me…The main statement I want to make is that ultimately it’s still my music; if you’re a fan of my sound, and the message that I’m sending, then genre won’t be so important.”

Otherwise, Jaytech says that after five years, it’s the perfect time to fly the nest and shed his status as star producer of the Anjunadeep stable. “And Anjunadeep will actually be going back a little towards its deeper roots; in the past few years I’ve sort of inundated the label with these almost progressive trance records, so I think my move will also allow Anjunadeep to shift back towards the sound it originally started out with.” Multiverse is out August 13 on Anjunabeats.