Jauz and Fake Diplo had an actual, super nasty fight on Twitter

If you’ve spent any time on Twitter recently, you might have noticed that a certain Diplo parody account has caused a bit of a stir in the online dance community.

The verified account is helping promote SBS Viceland’s new satirical series, What Would Diplo Do, and whoever runs it has certainly made their mark in a few short weeks. Fake Diplo (Fiplo) has declared himself better than Mozart and Van Gogh, tweeted some handdrawn nudes from LA producer Valentino Khan, thrown shade at SoundCloud, made himself into a meme, taught everyone the true meaning of dubstepand hosted a bizarre fan Q&A that probably many of his fans thought were legit.

Not everyone is keen on the joke though. Today, Fiplo landed himself in hot water by getting on the wrong side of LA producer Jauz. It all started innocently enough, with Fiplo throwing shade at DJs who churn out underwhelming political tweets:

Jauz obviously didn’t appreciate the joke, and before long the real DJ and the fake DJ were embroiled in a spicy-as-hell Twitter beef. If that wasn’t ridiculous enough, Dallas dubstep selector MUST DIE! even got in on the action halfway through. See how it all went down below.

All in all, Fiplo didn’t seem to be too troubled about the whole thing: