It’s been seven years since the Chk-chk boom girl sent Kings Cross viral

In May 2009, a star was born. 19-year-old Clare Werbeloff had been in Kings Cross the night that a man was shot twice in the leg outside a Darlinghurst Road strip club and, when stopped by a TV news crew, she gave the interview of a lifetime about what had gone down.

Her account of what “the fat wog said to the skinny wog” – which, by the way, was completely made up – quickly went viral and Werbeloff became Australia’s most dubious celebrity since Corey Worthington. This month marks seven years since the “Chk-chk boom girl” sent Kings Cross into the headlines for all the wrong reasons and that’s an anniversary we are not above celebrating.

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For a few big weeks, the Chk-chk boom girl was truly inescapable. As well as spawning a couple of classic ITM threads, a whole bunch of merch and and a few dozen remixes, Clare the Kings Cross bogan even worked herself into Australia’s political history when Anthony Albanese compared her to our current Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in Federal Parliament (because despite achieving a degree of fame, “when you look for substance it just [isn’t] there”).

It doesn’t end there: Werbeloff reportedly went into the studio to record an album (which, mercifully, doesn’t seem to have seen the light of day) and was asked to stand for political office in the NSW seat of Bradfield by Zoo Magazine, who offered to pay for her campaign. And in the true barometer of late-noughties relevance, The Chaser parodied her in a skit.

While Werbeloff didn’t take Zoo up on their offer, she did snare the honour of posing as the cover girl in lad mag Ralph ‘s final ever issue. Talk about going out with a bang.


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