ITM’s Local Producers You Need To Hear: The Sequel

When ITM named its first stack of acts in The New Breed of emerging Australian producers to watch at the end of May it was clear that keeping the list to 20 just wasn’t enough. Not only were eagle-ear’d ITMers offering their own suggestions at the best talent bubbling up around the country but there were plenty of names that couldn’t squeeze into that original list. What was also clear was that ITM’s praise alone wasn’t enough and that tunes from the artists themselves were needed to show off that seldom-discovered talent. So let’s tick off both of those demands with the next installment in ITM’s New Breed series.

As someone whose actual job it is to search out and find new music from rising Australian acts it feels like I could make a new list like this each week; that’s just how strong the talent out there is. And it moves so bloody quickly. Since the first edition of The New Breed bowed on ITM I’ve become enamoured by a heap of new artists doing incredible things off their own bat.

This list doesn’t even touch on the wealth of promising live dance acts like Dream Delay, City Calm Down, Bastian’s Happy Flight, Sun City and Tokyo Denmark Sweden, focusing rather on electronic producers on the rise. And still, talk to me next week and there’ll be a whole new crop of favourites.

Charles Murdoch

With any luck this won’t be your first exposure to Charles Murdoch, though you may not know it immediately. As well as making up 1/4 of Queensland live disco outfit Mitzi, Murdoch gained a heap of blog love under the Charlie Why a tenure under which saw a release on Bang Gang 12 Inches. As a member of the new Australian beats movement Murdoch has seemingly saved his best work for now, releasing tracks online with alarming frequency and showing off a knack for bright ‘n bent electronics and springy production tracks. For me Compatible is Murdoch’s earliest masterstroke with a wonderfully lush build and a dip (I won’t call it a drop) that gives so much more than it should.

Charles Murdoch – ‘Compatible’

Charles Murdoch – ‘Ahama’

Grey and Patrice

That Adam Bozzetto is one talented dude. As well as DJing around Sydney and playing an integral role in the Heaps Decent initiative, Bozzetto made it onto the last edition of The New Breed for his work with Kato as Wordlife. But somehow it gets better when he’s producing as Grey And Patrice, a new start-up moniker trading in floaty sample collages. Dreaming Dreams is the standout offering thus far in my books with the sped up vocal loops and jittery beat evoking the long dormant Avalanches sound.

Grey and Patrice – ‘Dreaming Dreams’

Grey and Patrice – ‘So Beautiful’

North Pollard

Tom Pollard’s work as North Pollard has been impressing me for a minute now and I’m not the only one who he’s won over, having recently played some sets outside of Australia and releasing on the UK’s Audio Parallax Records. You can sum up his sound with a listen to newish tune Phoenixmauritus, an unassuming club number in the key of classic house that doesn’t waste a bar of its five minute length. It’s all beachy percussion and deep filter effects that reveal an exquisite gift for production from this dude.

North Pollard – ‘Phoenixmauritus’

North Pollard – ‘Lost in Kyoto’


Set aside whatever judgements you might hold for Adelaide; right now theirs is a music community as vital as any other city’s in the country. Serious, that place is spawning new gems on a weekly basis these days – I could rattle on at length about acts like Oisima, Rummage, Symphonia and Collarbones of course – but let’s take a moment to shout about Brokers. I’m so impressed with these guys as they seem like legit originals of the local electronic beats scene. Instead of the standard bedroom introvert Brokers gives you five times the audio genius, making them ready for live show duty. What’s better is they’re not afraid to throw around their influences, with beats and saxophones colliding to form some kind of jazzy Junior Boys hip-hop sound. From the future.

Es Ist Super – ‘Perfect Summer’ (Brokers Remix)

Brokers – ‘Seattle’

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