ITM’s guide to summer festivals


There’s no use denying it; the summer of 2008/2009 is more packed with festival fun than ever before. Around the country there’s a raft of firm favourites returning to the calendar, as well as a whole host of new events making their debut.

What’s more, there’s never been so many options for fans dance music, with many events catering almost exclusively to electronic music, and those that don’t often having at least a few strong headliners that’ll appeal to the inthemix audience at large.

As much as we’d all love to, it’s not likely that anyone has pockets deep enough (or, ahem, a credit card with a limit high enough!) to attend all the summer festivals they want, so picking and choosing your destinations has never been quite as important.

Is it line-up that comes first for you, or is it the location? Maybe you’ve got your sights set on an event with a well worn reputation, or you could be planning a summer holiday interstate to see how they do it across the border.

Whatever your motivating factor, inthemix is here to assist, and we’ve compiled a nifty pictorial guide to this year’s hottest summer festivals nationwide to help with your decision making!

Be sure to check it out and see what’s on offer across Australia. If you want to find out more about any of the events just follow the link to be taken through to our inthemix festival page with more detailed info, event updates, artist interviews, DJ mixes, videos and more.