ITM’s 15 favourite video clips of the year…so far

As much as dance music is about being in a club, digging through a crate, or even trawling through a forum on the internet, we can’t forget the importance of visuals to the medium. After all, what would the big ballsy arena shows from acts like The Chemical Brothers, Tiesto and Daft Punk be without a sensory-altering visual element?

Indeed, more and more visuals are being injected into the traditional dance music show. Earlier this year we saw Deadmau5 unveil his stunning-looking live show and it was just the other week that Busy P told us of his hybrid DJ shows on the Parklife tour. So with that in mind we thought we’d pay a little tribute to the visual side of dance music, putting together a list of some of our favourite video clips to pop our eyes so far this year. Check out all the clips below and let us know your favourite videos in the comments below!

Breakbot – Baby, I’m Yours

I’m lost for words whenever I watch this clip for Breakbot’s sumptuous Baby, I’m Yours. The new golden boy of Ed Banger gets blessed with one of the finest clips of the year – no arguments, seriously – made up of around 2000 hand painted images. Incredible.

Chromeo – Don’t Turn The Lights On

Released next month, Chromeo’s Business Casual finds the Canadian duo back in their element of smoothed out retro-funk-fun. And we love them for that. And by extension, we love their new clip for Don’t Turn The Lights On, a pretty much spot-on match for the band’s cheeky, old-school aesthetic.

The Chemical Brothers – Swoon

One act that have always been acutely aware of the impact that a good visual component can have once combined with dance music is of course incoming Australian visitors, The Chemical Brothers. Having worked with celebrated music video geniuses like Spike Jonze and Michel Gondry in the past, the clips from the duo’s new album have been handled by longtime collaborator Adam Smith. Here’s Swoon, perfectly set to a series of hazy, flittering figures.

LCD Soundsystem – Drunk Girls

Speaking of Spike Jonze, the firebrand director this year saddled up with indie darlings of a different medium, LCD Soundsystem, for the raucous clip accompanying James Murphy and co’s Drunk Girls. There’s a great feeling of spontaneity to this one, like, even though the band know what’s about to happen, the nefarious ninja pandas step things up a notch and surprise them.

Grum – Can’t Shake This Feeling

Due out here for the 2010 Parklife festival, UK producer Grum has been making waves with his debut album, Heartbeats. The first tune lifted from that record is the giddy disco cut Can’t Shake This Feeling, which gets the video treatment with a thoroughly oddball clip full of food porn. Just watch it.

Klaxons – Echoes

Fans have lamented the unnerving silence of Klaxons in recent years, but that curtain was lifted with the release of their big comeback single, Echoes. To match that grand return, the band obviously needed a clip of the same stature, turning to frequent collaborator Sam, who creates an off-kilter wasteland somewhere between Tatooine and Mad Max’s Thunderdome.

Pendulum – Watercolour

While we’re on the topic of big returns, Pendulum hit back in 2010 with a massive new album, Immersion, and an epic first single to match, Watercolour. This clip is an avalanche of pristine effects, big action and sweaty wet bodies. Related: see how they made it here!

Hot Chip – I Feel Better

UK darlings Hot Chip have been behind some terrific video concepts over the years, and the clip for I Feel Better could be one of their band’s best. Sitting on the sidelines, the electro geeks are replaced by a cast of boy-band smoothies, not to mention some crazy alien messiah. It’s a trip, but it’s a whole lot of fun.

Midnight Juggernauts – Vital Signs

Seriously twisted and all the more awesome for it, the video for Midnight Juggernauts’ Vital Signs is a bit otherworldly oddity, a bit Eyes Wide Shut and very much the product of video collective Krozm, who’ve also crafted clips for Cut Copy and Van She.

Empire Of The Sun – Half Mast

Beautifully captured by hotshot local Nash Edgerton, Empire Of The Sun’s Half Mast might just be the most restrained thing that Luke Steele has ever done.

Faithless – Not Going Home

Always teasing us, aren’t they? Faithless dog us once again by sending in the animated clones for this clip for Not Going Home with splashes of vibrant colours and light.

Goldfrapp – Rocket

Nobody does glam quite like Goldfrapp and here they are in their element, pomping about and hamming it up for the clip to Rocket. It’s all dry ice, obvious phallic references and Allison Goldfrapp rocking some short shorts.

Riva Starr – I Was Drunk ft. Noze

Perhaps the best example of simple being the most effective concept in music videos, Riva Starr’s I Was Drunk is set to a perfectly cut and spliced selection of old foreign movies, a spot-on replication of the song’s wonky, unexpected vibes.

Gorillaz – Stylo

What more can we say? This has Bruce freaking Willis in it! Unbeatable.

And because this is probably the closest we’re going to get to a legitimate new video from Daft Punk, here’s the Tron Legacy trailer one more time. Oh, see what we did there?!