ITM surveys Australia’s DJs; “would you play a Corey party?”

No one really knows how much longer the Corey saga will last, although it doesn’t take a genius to predict his 15 minutes in the spotlight are probably nearing their end… The notorious Melbourne teenager, who grabbed headlines around the world after his weekend house party got a little out of hand (cue riot police, a helicopter and the dog squad arriving to disperse the 500 drunken teenagers), found himself inundated with offers to host his own parties this week.

Corey claimed to A Current Affair that someone in Brisbane was willing to pay him $2,000 to appear at their event, and promoters in Sydney and Melbourne declared they’d have him do under 18s parties, asserting he could make up to $10,000. As everyone knows the cornerstone of any good party is the music, so we thought it would be interesting to see what sort of DJs he’d be able to book. Over the past day we’ve undertaken a quick survey to find out whether some of Australia’s most notable talent would be willing to play a ‘Corey Party’.

Our pick of the names suggested for the proposed event would have to be ‘Corey presents SUNGLASSES AT NIGHT – All Day Mega Rave’, but of course we’re open to further submissions, so feel free to weigh in with your opinion in the comment box below. We’d also love to know what sort of tracks you think you’d hear at such a party… an electro-house remake of NWA’s ‘Fuck Tha Police’ perhaps?

Acid Jacks – Fuck yeah, Corey has already booked us for his parent’s anniversary. But we told him we won’t wear any faggy sunglasses.

Goodwill – I would probably play at a Corey event because I cut my teeth at house parties and even though he is a bit of a knob I think he is doing a good job of rinsing this for all it’s worth. I would open with Tiga’s ‘Sunglasses At Night’ and then go straight into ‘My Future’s So Bright I’ve Gotta Wear Shades’. Coxy [Carl Cox] lives down that way, so he could do a surprise set, during which time I’d get into some “biff”. All of this would be totally “SIk”. Is it at Corey’s house again? I’ll pay for their flights out of town and Coxy could take care of the cleaner’s bill. At the end of the night we could have a massive bonfire to burn all the fluoro that the kids were wearing, and Coxy and I could ride off into the sunrise on one of his motorbikes. What’s the date of this gig?

Bass Kleph – What do ya mean? I played the first one! Sure I’ll do the next one too, as long as this time we do it at Hook N Sling’s place, and fRew does the video diary.

Pocket, Poxymusic – Would I DJ at it? Sure… but only if I could touch his sunglasses. And maybe perhaps… later… play a set, just to his sunglasses. I’d also have to close with Bros ‘When Will I Be Famous’.

Bexta – Sure, that’s just what it’s all about, dodgy promoters. Always has been, always will be… we need more of them like a hole in the head!

Will Styles, Funktrust – Corey seems like the ultimate spoilt brat with an over-developed sense of self worth and delusionary aspirations towards grandeur. I’d love to play for him.

Ben Korbel – I’d consider playing for him if he provided me with my own Popemobile to DJ in; a vehicle/DJ booth that was riot proof and protected me from a potential stampede of sixteen year olds. Such a stamped might happen if I was unable to meet repeated requests to play the latest Sneaky tune.

Grant Smillie – The answer, in short, is no, I would not DJ for Corey. It’s all good to have a party, but at the end of the day we want to be there for the music, not for any other reason. It’s easy to throw a party, but it’s very hard to throw a good one that also looks out for everyone’s safety. Hope he cashes in soon, because his 5 minutes are surely ticking!

Tydi – Sure… Corey, if you’re reading this, I might consider it. I want three limos for me and my mates to and from the venue. You’re also going to need another helicopter as well. On arrival I need you to personally carry my tunes to the stage, and then fan me with palm leaves throughout my set. Do we have a deal?

Jeff Drake – Only if he could give me three words that rhyme with Corey. I do see a few problems though… Gatecrasher is already a club, he and his mates would be the security yet he’s scared of his parents, and I’m not sure I have the right pink doona to get in. Plus I don’t have any $10 servo sunnies. The biggest problem, though, is whether these kids would actually pay to go to a party. They could just walk around urinating on people’s lawns for free! The actual party would just be me and Corey locked inside waiting for the police to go away. So, no, not a fucking chance.

Ben Morris – No, because he wears fluoro.

Dopamine – I would love to play the next riot that Corey organises. Provided I’m supplied with body armour and I don’t have to take requests… to buy booze.

Derek {K} – Sure I’d DJ… if he pays back his parents the 20K then he can cough up top dollar, so he’s got something going on and I want in. He also has to take his glasses off at the party, and there’ll be no requests… of course!