ITM presents epic photo fails part two!

Loyal ITMers – or at least those who can remember events dating back beyond this past weekend! – might remember in late 2009 inthemix spread its culture-vulture wings with a look at a bunch of the shockingly terrible artist promo pictures (or photo fails as we snappily coined ‘em) floating about the internets. Cheeks blushed, fingers were pointed and laughs were had by (nearly) all involved.

But this being the internet there’s seemingly no end to the woeful photo fails out there, and with us being the dastardly goofs that we are, we couldn’t help but take the piss one more time with a bonus round of face-palm worthy pictures.

Check the gallery below to see trance gods hamming it up, DJs indulging their inner supermodel, and other artists found posing at their worst. We love ‘em all, but there is a whole lot of wrong in here.

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