ITM Exclusive: Empire Of The Sun start recording second LP

As far as inspired creative pairings go the partnership of Pnau mainstay Nick Littlemore and West Australian adventurer Luke Steele as Empire Of The Sun has been a truly blessed one with the duo’s debut LP, Walking On A Dream, climbing to stratospheric heights including ‘round the world tours and a high rank in the recent Hottest 100 Australian Albums of All Time on triple j.

But three years on from the release of that record and fans have been waiting for any indication of a follow-up to Walking On A Dream, with sparse rumours indicating it might be happening despite Littlemore’s awol-status from the live show. Well, inthemix can now exclusively confirm that that second LP is indeed happening and that the duo have already begun work in the studio for it.

Speaking to inthemix from his hotel room in London yesterday Littlemore was forthcoming about details on the next record and his working relationship with Emperor Steele saying that they “just started writing the new record”.

“He came to New York about three weeks ago and I booked a studio for us that is all run by blind people,” Littlemore explained non-chalantly. “It was good because we hadn’t really hung out for about three years and it was so enjoyable. We ended up writing eight things over this 16 hour block and it felt so amazing to come back together and be so enriched and comfortable with each other still.”

Clearly the ideas were flowing as Littlemore pressed the phone to the speakers of his laptop to play inthemix an in-progress tune which he described as “Missy Elliott meets George Harrison” and which did indeed feature some thumping low-end with psychedelic drips of guitar.

Littlemore insisted that he and Steele are still taking baby-steps with the record and for fans not to expect the follow-up overnight.

“We did eight things but they wouldn’t be more than a minute and a half long each because it’s more about getting ideas down than trying to force full songs out in a day,” Littlemore told inthemix. “I think that was a good thing to do because we hadn’t been together in the studio for such a long time so we weren’t trying to be disciplined about what we were doing.”

Stay tuned to inthemix for news on Empire Of The Sun’s second coming as well as the full interview with Littlemore who speaks about his return to the Australian scene with Pnau’s new LP, Soft Universe, as well as some new information about upcoming collaborations with Janelle Monae and James Bond theme composer Phil Ramone.