ITM dives into Krewella’s “Get Wet” advance stream

Six years: that’s how long it’s been since Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf and Kris “Rain Man” Trindl have been performing together as Krewella. In those six years, they have been slowly climbing from SoundCloud upstarts to EDM stars – and now, they’ve hit the precipice of true mainstream crossover. With the release of their debut album Get Wet just a few days away, the group released an advance stream on its SoundCloud; ITM spent some time with the tracks to break down Krewella’s hotly anticipated debut.

The Get Wet sound is, essentially, vocal-heavy electro-step. It’s a hybrid of Swedish House Mafia’s swelling, uplifting melodies and the chopped, bass-filled drops of Skrillex, but the unbridled passion Jahan and Yasmine carry in their vocals brings a whole new element of vitality to both their recordings and live performances. What is lacking in technical skill is more than accounted for in the group’s infectious energy. From the moment the album starts with their lead single “Live for the Night” to the last note, listeners are immersed in Krewella’s world, a world where two sisters and honorary brother are living their dream and taking in every moment life and stardom have to offer. In a sense, Krewella is to the “Get Wet” mantra as Nike is to “Just Do It.”

Notable songs include “We Go Down,” which will almost certainly implant itself in your brain with its incredibly catchy lyrics and sing-songy chorus; “Enjoy the Ride,” a track that’s sure to be prime radio material as the Yousaf sisters show off more of their vocal abilities, riding a gentler melody than most other racks; and the enormous bass-kick of “We Are One” (think “Epic” proportions) that has the potential to swallow dance floors whole. Also of note are the hardstyle influences in “Ring of Fire” with the sound of smoldering flames slow-burning in the background, as well as “Dancing with the Devil,” a collaboration with Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump and Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker, which results in a dramatic electro-step opera of a song.

The trio had this to say about their album in its initial press release: “We created this album for our Krew, the people who love to get sweaty, rage until they can’t stand, need music to help them get through tough times, want to run faster, live louder and feel alive.” Whether or not you’re a fan of Krewella, one listen through the album proves that the group’s mission was, in fact a successful one, and explains why fans and friends rave about the group’s live shows (especially now that the state-of-the-art Volcano production is in place) Regardless of one’s music taste, it is damn near impossible to deny the talent and drive of artists who exude this much passion.

Grab a copy Get Wet when it drops via Columbia Records on September 24, and stream it below in the meantime.