Is this the best Dillon Francis Instagram binge yet?

He definitely set the bar high from the get go, but this weekend Dillon Francis may have delivered his finest Instagram binge yet. As ITM regulars will be well aware, ever since the ‘gram introduced its video feature back in July the Mad Decent gun has been hard at work on a series of hilarious short videos. Already, he’s given us deep house maestro DJ Hanzel, the indispensable advice of Drunk Cooking With Dillon Francis and one-offs like “mind of a drunk male”, “every girl I meet in LA” and “classic white guy”.

This weekend, though – and we’re liberally classifying the weekend as everything from Friday to Monday, Sydney time – Dillon’s really outdone himself. Over the past few days, the Big Day Out-bound producer’s posted a string of spot-on videos honing in on Miley Cyrus, infomercials, girlfriends, nursery rhymes and more – get stuck into a selection of the highlights below. As for DJ Hanzel? Head to Dillon’s online store now and you can pick up a “one deeper” t-shirt for $24.99 plus postage. As Hanzel himself sells it: “Go vun fucking deeper and get a shirt, bitch”.

Or if you’re looking to drop a little more cash on Dillon’s website, there’s certainly a few options. For $40,000, you can buy Dillon’s word that he’ll go vegan for a year. A little lower down the pay scale, the Without You hitmaker will put together your IKEA bed for $1000, he’ll do your taxes for $750 or prank call your mum in the middle of the night for a very reasonable $300. Or if you’ve got really deep pockets, there’s the option of shelling out seven figures to pay Dillon a cool one million bucks to join the army. Some of the very sensible ways to spend your money are, however, already ‘sold out’ – you might remember when Zedd and star photographer Rukes handed over the $1000 required to make Dillon recreate the pottery scene in Ghost with 12th Planet earlier this year.