Is Electric Daisy Carnival coming to Australia?

Electric Daisy Carnival has a reputation as one of the most epic dance music festivals in the world – so the news that there’s a trademark application to run EDC festivals in Australia is very exciting indeed.

However, we won’t be seeing the mega-festival on our shores just yet: EDC’s promoter Insomniac is currently mired in a messy legal battle over who owns the trademark on the name “Electric Daisy Carnival” in Australia and the USA, and it could be keeping the festival from our shores.

The story goes like this:

– In the ‘80s and early ‘90s, LA rave promoter Steve Kool-Aid aka Stephen R. Enos ran a series of LA raves called Electric Daisy Carnival. In 1997, the name was adopted for what has become the flagship festival of Pasquale Rotella’s Insomniac, a company so successful that events behemoth Live Nation paid US$60 million for a 50% stake two years ago.

– From 2008 on EDC became an annual party, eventually moving out to Las Vegas and spawning off-shoots in New York City and half a dozen other American cities, as well as Mexico, Puerto Rico and the UK.

– Insomniac applied to register “Electric Daisy Carnival” as a trademark in the USA in 2010, but in April 2013 Steve Kool-Aid objected, saying that he had created the brand name for “dance music festivals commencing in 1991-1992.” Steve Kool-Aid also sued Insomniac in the California Central District Court; the outcome of both cases is yet to be decided – or released to the public record.

– Then in June 2013 Stephen Enos filed an application in Australia to trademark the name “Electric Daisy Carnival” for “live music concerts, disc jockey concerts, dance parties, music tours, musical and artistic performances and night clubs.”

– Six months later Insomniac filed their opposition alongside their own application to own the name in Australia for everything from live music events and video recordings to energy drinks and temporary tattoos. According to the case history on the Intellectual Property Australia database, the affair has been back and forth between the opposing sides ever since.

So does this mean that we’ll seen an Electric Daisy Carnival in Australia once the trademark disputes are sorted out? We’ll have to wait and see; in the meantime, have a look at what we’re missing out on in our EDC Las Vegas gallery below. [Photo by Doug Van Sant]