inthemix keeps you company this Christmas

Seasons greetings ITMers! Believe it or not we’re taking a break from our posts as the ever-vigilant watch dogs of the dance scene this Christmas season. Don’t fret though, we’ll be back on deck next week, but in case you’ll miss your daily dose of dancey goodness we’ve prepared a little care package to get you through the days. We’re pretty good like that.

If the written word is your thing then we’ve got mountains of glorious in-depth features waiting for you to consume, with a couple of year-end pieces as well as your guides to the big summer events with Armin van Buuren, Digitalism, Franí§ois K, Armand Van Helden, Basement Jaxx and butt loads more. Seriously, butt loads!

As it is the end of the year we’ve also spent the last couple of weeks going back over the year that was 2010, picking apart its ups and downs and reprocessing that into some 2010 wrap ups for you. That includes the best releases of the year, the biggest controversies and even the moments that had us scratching our heads and asking ‘WTF?’. If you need to kill some time while Dad ruins yet another roast chicken on Christmas day, check ‘em out below.

Of course it wouldn’t be Christmas without some presents so if you’re up for some new music as a respite from Jingle Bells we recommend a look at our Free Downloads section. That baby’s just been updated with new freebies from Trentemoller, Shackleton, Tanlines and more so get amongst it! Don’t forget to check out the next wave of dance artists forecasted by ITM’s guest panel for more music tips.

Whew! That’s all from us for now, we’ll see you after the break if we don’t cave in and update the site early! It’ll of course be business as usual in the ITM forums so have a wander through there and make some new friends.