Inside Swedish House Mafia’s epic house party

Last night, a trio of the biggest names in dance music casually arrived at the house of one of their fans, ready to play a private set for him and 30 of his closest friends. The winner of our Swedish House Mafia house party competition was in an enviable position – so it’s unsurprising that a photo we posted to inthemix’s Facebook of Angello, Axwell and Ingrossso DJing at the suburban Sydney home was met with some very-jealous comments.

One particularly verbose SHM fan truly encapsulated the hype surrounding the event, declaring: “I would swim up the Amazon River with 30kg dumbbells tied to my scrotum and Ellen DeGeneres’s queef as my air supply if it meant I could have had those 3 demigods within a radius of 100m of myself”.

But the winner of our biggest prize ever, Simon, didn’t have to swim the Amazon River to get the trio of Swedes to play at his house. Rather, Simon just submitted 25 words or less on his partying-credentials to win our competition, bringing said demigods straight from the Future Music Festival mainstage to his place. So while the house party has been shrouded in secrecy for the past couple of weeks, we’re now thrilled to report that last night’s giant event was, as predicted, epic. The police may have been called over a noise complaint, but luckily the cop on duty was a massive SHM fan who’d missed the trio on a recent trip to Ibiza, and was only too happy to hang around and enjoy the set – at full volume.

As well as being front-and-centre for an intimate 90-minute Swedish House Mafia set, Simon also got to meet the Swedes. “I got to hang out with them before, during and after their set,” he told us. “They were all really nice, chilled guys. When they weren’t pouring drinks down my throat we just shot-the-shit; talking about music, Sydney and girls. Sebastian Ingrosso actually gave me investment advice – he said, ‘There’s always money in bricks and mortar’.”

We’d like to extend some giant thanks to Future Entertainment for making it happen, DJ Warehouse for the mega sound system, Smirnoff, Carlton Dry and Rekorderlig for the drinks, the Swedes themselves and, of course, the lucky host – who managed to keep Swedish House Mafia’s appearance a secret until right up until the guests walked through the door. “They were just shocked,” Simon said. “They didn’t know what they were turning up to, so they were just in awe – I’m pretty sure they’re still shaking. I think I’m owed a lot of brownie points now!”

Luckily, Simon’s parents are out of town at the moment – so he’s got a couple of weeks to clean the house up. However, we’d imagine that the photos from the big night (coming tomorrow) will probably get back to Mum and Dad in the end.