Innovative new sample-clearance service

Hey all you DJs and producers out there! Ever had a masterpiece at your finger-tips that you just know would be a monster smash with listeners if you only you could clear the sample that you so cleverly used in the making of your track/remix/mixtape? Well now you don’t have to worry about all the hassle and oodles of money that that process involves as a new online service is setting out to revolutionise the sampling process in a way that benefits artists, listeners, labels and copyright holders.

Though still in Beta mode, the recently launched Legitmix system is already making a splash as it bridges the copyright gap that exists for sample-centric musicians. As simply as we can define it ourselves Legitmix operates on a partially interactive model where artists upload their sample-inclusive material to the website and put it up for sale to fans who then purchase the individual songs included in that work. To launch the initiative Legitmix has teamed up with Diplo and his Mad Decent imprint to offer a few initial tracks and a mix set from Diplo himself which features 14 copyrighted tracks and as well as paying $3 for the mix itself you’d also be buying those 14 tracks for a total of $16.46 – that is unless you already have some of the sampled tracks in your digital collection, in which case you’d only purchase the ones you’re missing and fill the mix that way.

Does that make sense? Hopefully it kinda does because it took us a little while to fully click to the idea. It certainly seems like a novel approach to sampling which is mutually beneficially for all the artists involved and the supportive fan. Check out the video below to have a little more light shed on this.

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