Ingrosso talks SHM’s run-in with Hardwell: “I stand by my point”

Back in August, Swedish House Mafia’s Sebastian Ingrosso and Axwell had a highly publicised run-in with young gun Hardwell on Twitter. The trouble – for which the Swedes copped plenty of flak – all began when Hardwell gave away a free bootleg pack download to say thanks for reaching 300,000 fans on Facebook. The problem was that the bootleg happened to contain some SHM material, and Ingrosso and Axwell were none too pleased that their music was being given away for free – Ingrosso blasted the move “the lowest I’ve seen”.

When inthemix got Sebastian Ingrosso on the phone last week, we were sure to ask about the incident. With a hefty sigh, the Refune boss responded “I knew this question would come up some day”. So a couple of months down the track, is he still pissed about it?

“This is what I feel,” he told inthemix. “And I stand by my point and I know we got a lot of hate for it, but it doesn’t matter. Because the thing is this: Hardwell is a great producer, he’s a very talented DJ, he is a great guy. Make bootlegs, that’s fine. But if you wanna make bootlegs and gain fans on Facebook, give away your own songs. Like Avicii for example, a good friend of mine, when he got a million fans on Facebook or whatever to say thankyou he gives away a track by his own, he goes to the studio and makes a new song for his 1 million fans. I think that’s fucking brilliant. He can give away as many free downloads as he wants, but it’s kind of weak to give away some other persons song to say thankyou to your fans. But anyway, he said I’m sorry on Twitter because he knew he did something very wrong.”

Though Ingrosso did admit he had some regrets over the incident. “Maybe we went a little bit too hard on him,” he conceded. “He’s a great dude; he’s young, he’s upcoming. It’s all good now. The only mistake we maybe made was to taking it in front of people on Twitter. Maybe we should have just pick up the phone and given him a call and say “hey man, what’s up”. Maybe that was stupid.” Read the full Sebastian Ingrosso interview here.