Infamous festival Kazantip almost cancelled over concerns of “sexy activities”

It’s not hard to see how Kazantip earned its reputation as the most extreme festival experience on earth: the booze is cheap and bottomless, bikinis are the dress code of choice, there’s not much in the way of rules and regulations, the music goes for 21 hours a day every day and the festival itself can stretch on as long as six marathon weeks.

After civil unrest forced the Russian-run festival to leave its spiritual home of Crimea in 2014, Kazantip took up residence in nearby Georgia. But its freewheeling vibe proved unpopular with the local conservative powers and so this year, Kazantip shifted base once more, hopping all the way over to Cambodia’s Koh Puos Island in for 2015.

Only it seems Cambodian authorities aren’t too happy with Kazantip, either. According to The Cambodia Daily, the festival was cancelled earlier this month by local authorities concerned over the festival’s potential for illicit activities. “We have seen through social networks that this festival has a lot of sexy activities including sexy dancing, having sex in public and gambling,” Provincial Governor Chhit Sokhom said, announcing the ban.

But one week later, Kazantip was saved when Sokhom relented and announced he’d allow the event to go ahead if organisers and punters respected local customs. “However, there needs to be conditions to avoid indecency, drug use, gambling and people walking in the nude,” he added.

Tomorrow Kazantip will kick off as planned, running from all the way through from February 18 to 28. This year’s line-up includes the likes of Agoria, Alexkid, Cosmonaut, M.A.N.D.Y and more – check out the full line-up and last year’s aftermovie below, and head here to read about why we crowned Kazantip the #1 festival to discover before you die.