Indian Summer name five emerging vocalists you need on your radar

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Fast-rising party starters Indian Summer have both hands and their feet immersed in Australia’s pool of upcoming talent, and as part of Smirnoff’s ‘Anatomy of a Hit’ project – which celebrates the art of collaboration and mixing unique talents – the duo will be working with an emerging vocalist on a new track, and we’ll be there to see what goes down.

But first, we asked Indian Summer to give us the low down on five emerging Australian singers who they think are destined for big things this year.

#1 Marli

“Our mate MARLI! Far out, what a legend. We were introduced to each other through a neighbour of mine late last year. Since then we’ve written some really exciting songs together and had a bunch of laughs – including, but not limited to, us crashing her Byron Bay holiday. Big things to come from her!”

#2 Sparkes

“Man does Esther Sparkes have a set of lungs on her! We were introduced in Sydney about a year ago and have since been back and forth writing a bunch of tracks. Watch out for her, she’s a talent.”

#3 Kirsten Hertog

“So many small world connections here! Kirsten is the daughter of my mum’s tenants in Melbourne and we were all involved (completely by chance) in a songwriting short course last year. Kirsten’s got it all, strong voice, killer songwriting instinct and a strong vision for the sound she wants to produce (but no SoundCloud page to hear her talents, yet). She’s actually showing us some new tunes she’s written tonight, can’t wait to hear them.”

#4 Eloise Esther

“We met up with Eloise last year to record a few demos and ended up road tripping up the east coast for a show with Slumberjack and Mickey Kojak the same night. Equally as awesome to record with as she is to party with.”

maya-hirasedo#5 Maya Hirasedo

“We’ve never actually met Maya, but my old housemate caught her singing to herself in line at a cafe and grabbed her SoundCloud for us. We’re completely OBSESSED with her track All Day, have had it on loop for going on two years now. Hopefully we can write something together in the near future.”

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