In The Essential Mix: Guy Gerber, September 20

As the sun slowly sets on the summer season, Israel’s own Guy Gerber guides us into the fall with an emotive Essential Mix.

Gerber has long been praised by the electronic music community for his ability to craft meticulous and thought-provoking music: His status as head of the Supplement Facts label allows him to convey his own uncompromising vision of top-notch deep house and techno. He spent the summer as a resident of Pacha Ibiza, curating his off-kilter Wisdom of the Glove parties, named for the single white glove he wore during sets. To much surprise, he’s also been collaborating with Diddy on their long-awaited 11:11 project.

Recorded in his Ibiza apartment, overlooking Talamance Bay, he takes his inspiration for the Essential Mix from the many sets he’s delivered over the past three months on the island. Much like his work on Fabric 64, Gerber lets emotion drive the mix, maneuvering through the tracks’ twists and turns with ease. During his introduction, he states that he had originally tried to plan out his mix, but it happened to come about more organically with a few friends during an intimate house party. A few drinks, corrections and an abundance of edits later, the result is two hours of melancholy magic, courtesy of Guy Gerber.

True to his time at Pacha, his mix starts out erring on the strange side, with the robotized vocals in Factory Floor’s “One” warbling out an introduction. The mix stays generally slow and groovy for the first half, with some detours along the way, including a brief dalliance with some deep techno as Gerber puts his own spin on a Deadbeat remix of Deepchild’s “Riyadh,” giving the mix some energy after some time on cruise control. As the mix progresses, it gets more dance-floor friendly, while still maintaining its sense of mystery with a plethora of organic sounds crashing against each other that keeps listeners acutely aware.

Highlights include Guy Gerber and Dixon’s collaboration “No Distance” (which was also played in Dixon’s own Essential Mix last week), Gerber’s edit of Dinky’s eerie single “Falling Angel,” a Carl Craig remix of Henrik Schwarz’ “Take Words in Return,” and the Diddy collaboration project 11:11 with “Lifted,” which proved to be an effective combination of Gerber’s hard-edged deep house with Diddy-influenced vocals. A chunk of five Gerber originals make it in toward the end, but it’s the edits that put an extra-personal touch on a highly personal and pensive mix.


1.Factory Floor – One

2. Pick A Piper – Lucid in Fjords ft. Ryan McPhun

3. Masomenos – Pierre Et Le Loup

4. Masomenos – Hope

5. Nyra – Configure 8

6. tINi – Shmooh’s Raisin Theory (Re-UP Remix)

7. Kassem Mosse – Untitled B1 (GG Edit)

8. Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Ordinary (Lake People’s Circle Motive Remix)

9. New Jackson – Sat Around Here Waiting

10. Gorge – Disco Rebeat

11. Sabb & Cuatero – Don’t Kill My Vibe

12. Deepchild – Riyadh (Deadbeat Remix/GG Edit)

13. Moodtrap – Out of Time (Marcel Dettmann Remix)

14. Dennis Ferrer – Touched the Sky (Joe’s Dub Beats)

15. Trus’Me – Nards (Ryan Elliott Remix)

16. Dieter Krause & Deepak Sharma – Wolkenreise (DJ Qu Remix)

17. Guy Gerber – I’m All Fretless

18. Pirupa – Party Non Stop (DJ Que Remix)

19. Guy Gerber & Dixon – No Distance

20. Paul C & Paolo Martini – We Repeat

21. Cajmere & Dyed Soundorom – 1+1=1

22. Chaim – Blue Shadows (GG Paris by Night Remake)

23. Dinky – Falling Angel (GG Edit)

24. Daniele Papini – Balloon

25. Powel – I Don’t Want to Waste My Tears on You (Lake People Tell Me Now Remix)

26. Freaky Disco – Factor 50 (Eddie Richards Remix)

27. tINi – Hat Baxx ft. Joe Le Groove

28. Supernova – The Circle

29. Henrik Schwarz – Take Words in Return (C2 Vocal Remix)

30. Javier Carballo – Sistema

31. Guy Gerber – What Ever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow

32. Guy Gerber – Meet You Halfway

33. Guy Gerber – Camouflage

34. DVS 1 – Running

35. Guy Gerber – The Naked Hairdresser

36. Guy Gerber – Galaxy 74 (Essential Mix Improvisation)

37. 11:11 – Lifted

38. UR – Abandoned Building in Mono

39. Lake People – If