In other Deadmau5 news, his two-disc, epic-length album is done

Yes, it’s been a very Deadmau5-heavy start to 2014 on inthemix, but the production maestro has just dropped the news his fans have been waiting for. The ‘mau5 album opus is complete. Closely following the offer from Club Space to change his opinion of Miami, Joel Zimmerman casually dropped the big news. “In other news…i finished my album today,” he wrote. “2 discs. 2 continuous mixes. 25 tracks. and something im proud of.”

While on site at HARD Day of the Dead in Los Angeles last year, Zimmerman sat down with Rolling Stone to discuss the new stage show he’s developing for (all things going to plan) 2014, the music he’s been in studio lockdown working on, and the technology required to help realize his vision. While the headline set at HARD favored his festival-ready productions, he’s been in a more moody musical headspace. “Yeah, it’s a bit of a downer, audio-wise,” Zimmerman said of his new collection of songs.

In November, the electronic whiz returned to his SoundCloud page with not one, but seven new creations. The ‘7′ playlist brought us these cheery titles, taken from the Latin terms for the seven deadly sins: Acedia, Avarita, Gula, Invidia, Ira, Luxuria and Superbia. With the running times of each track varying from 1:19 to 4:22, the collection presented the perfect snapshot of Deadmau5′s musical headspace right now. We can’t wait to hear how he follows it with a two-disc album.