Hot Since 82’s 6 golden rules for producers

This month, UK goldenboy Hot Since 82 will touch down in Australia for a three date tour we’re very excited about. The label head, DJ and producer will be hosting his ‘Knee Deep’ brand of events in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, with friends like Butch, Jackmaster and Christoph joining him on the bill. So to celebrate his incoming visit, we asked Hot Since 82 to tell us what he’s learnt about the craft of making music – abide by these golden rules for producers, and you could be burning up dancefloors just like him in no time. 

#1 Don’t follow trends

It’s good to cross reference your tracks and mixes, but don’t try and copy the style and sound – the best way to get noticed and be unique is to find your own feet.

#2 Invest in decent monitors and good headphones

You don’t have to spend thousands these days to get decent monitors and headphones, and they’ll massively help you get a good solid mixdown. There are so many good speakers at affordable prices, so I would suggest investing in some good enough for the studio, and some good quality headphones. I love using headphones to check how the mix sounds in stereo – it’s like playing your mix in your car, you always get a decent representation of what it sounds like.

#3 Try to finish what you’ve started

Even for me, this is really hard. I can spend hours, even days, on a record and never finish it. Then before you know it you have 50 unfinished records. Try and lay the track down as soon as you think the right elements are there.

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#4 Test music on friends

By doing this you can get an honest second opinion. After hours and hours of hearing the same loop your ears can get super tired, so never be too shy to ask for someone’s opinion. It may not always be the right one, but it can’t hurt to ask. Sometimes you’re adding way too many parts when most of the time, less is more!

#5 Watch Youtube tutorials

The power of the internet. You can get some serious professional help online these days in the form of Youtube tutorials. If you’re stuck on mixing, or how to properly use a plug-in to a synth give it a Google and see how other people are using them.

#6 Get into sample packs

Sample packs have become the norm these days and although l wouldn’t swear by them, they can definitely help to get the creative juices flowing.

Hot Since 82 Australian tour dates

Friday February 10 – Knee Deep in Perth @ Habitat Tickets
Saturday February 12 – Knee Deep in Melbourne @ The Paddock, Federation Square Tickets
Sunday February 13 – Knee Deep in Sydney @ Royal Randwick Racecourse Tickets