Hot Dub Time Machine “shattered” after police shut down Sydney all-ages show

Hot Dub Time Machine’s Tom Londres says he’s “shattered” after his show at Sydney’s Enmore Theatre last night was shut down by police.

According to a NSW police statement, the Sydney DJ’s sold-out all-ages show was called off at around 10pm due to “a number of adverse incidents involving juveniles and alleged licensing breaches”.

Taking to Facebook shortly after the cancellation, Londres said police were concerned for people’s safety outside the venue. However, fans on social media have since claimed that the issues were mostly related to underage gig-goers who had smuggled drugs and alcohol inside.

“This should have been an over 18’s event,” Hot Dub fan Vanessa posted on Facebook. “So many 14 year olds walking around hammered.”

Another said she saw 10 or more under-18s ejected for concealing alcohol, while there were several reports of paramedics attending to drug-affected teenagers. “Absolutely inebriated under age kids dry humping on the side walls of the venue, police rejecting under age girls who go home to change so they can make a second attempt at getting in to the venue. What happened to blue light discos?” they posted.

Despite assurances from police that there were no further incidents, Sydney photographer Pat Stevenson said ejected teens continued to cause chaos outside. “Rampaging teens who got ejected were smashing windows and being little fucks around the neighbourhood, such a shame, it was wild!”

Here is the statement in full from Lordes:

“Guys, I’m am so so sorry. Tonight’s show was shut down by the police due to concerns for people’s safety outside the venue. I am shattered. I started Hot Dub to create a party about love for music and positivity, to have this happen is heart breaking. There is no after party, but we will work with everyone concerned to make sure this never happens again. Love, Tom.”

(Lead image: Hot Dub Time Machine/Facebook)