Hermitude: Road-testing

If your day is in need of brightening, you might want to spend three and a half minutes with Hermitude’s recent single Speak Of The Devil. Or go one better and watch its video – you’ll be ‘dance, dance, dancing’ in no time. Speak Of The Devil has done its job in amping up the anticipation for the duo’s next album, which we can hopefully wrap our ears around in February 2012. Before then, though, Luke Dubs and Elgusto have a tour to think about (presented by inthemix, and proudly too). We tracked down Dubs to hear how everything is coming together.

You guys had some time away from Hermitude after making and touring Threads. Did working on other projects help keep the fire alive?

Yeah I think so. Time apart is just as important as time together. Gusto had a solid year touring with Urthboy and I had the same touring with the Tom Tom Crew so when we reunited it was like a hermit explosion!

I see from Facebook that you’ve been blowing up your studio monitors! Exciting to hear. How deep into the album process are you?

Ha, yeah, a few hiccups along the way but we’re still on track for a February 2012 release. We’re mixing the record over the next few weeks in between touring the single and actually writing the rest of the record, but we’re really excited by how it’s sounding and the whole process has been a helluva lotta fun.

I remember reading in an interview last year that you wanted to make this one more “cohesive” in its sound than Threads. Is that still how you see it?

Yeah I guess so. Whether we consciously stuck to that plan or not, we’ve definitely achieved it. This is the first record we’ve written intensively so I think that’s helped with the cohesion thing.

Normally we chip away at it over a couple of years but with this record we just hit the studio every day during the week until it was finished. Well, it’s actually not finished. Gusto’s cutting up samples as we speak. Slightly unorganised, us Hermits are.

When we spoke to you in 2009, you guys were talking about all the neat analogue gear in your studio. Do you keep adding new bits to play with?

We went a bit synth crazy over the last few years so this upcoming record is pretty synth-laden. Guitars, bass and more live instrumentation made up a lot of Threads whereas this record is mainly synths and samples.

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