Here’s what $737,000 gets you at the newest Vegas superclub

The Las Vegas strip has a brand new superclub opening this Thursday night, just in time for the States’ Memorial Day long weekend. Drai’s is a monstrous rooftop beach club and nightclub complex that local lady Helena, who just signed a 2014 residency at the club, recently described as “all shades of epic…one of the most talked about clubs in the world…with a 5000-capacity nightclub and rooftop day club with 360-degree views of all of Vegas, private cabanas and multiple pools…” and fellow residents like Adventure Club, Arty and Borgeous.

But that’s not why the new club has been attracting attention of late. In a city known for taking opulence and conspicuous consumption to new heights, Drai’s has made headlines for its “game-changing” VIP bottle service menus. Las Vegas entertainment magazine Vegas Seven got hold of a copy of Drai’s bottle service menu, and it hasn’t held back on the OTT offerings.

While your basic single bottle costs US$595 (AUD$641), which is at the upper-end of bottle service prices on the strip, if you’re really looking to burn some cash, they’re here to help. A ‘Luxury Package’ will set you back between $5K and $15K and get you up to 16 bottles of Dom Pérignon Luminous champagne and your own custom light show, while if you’re not really into drinking and would rather use your bottles of pricey bubbles for hosing down your neighbours, then you can invest in one of the Beach Club’s Spray packages, which gets you between 10 and hundred bottles of fizz solely for champagne showers.

And if you’re really balling, you can invest in your own fireworks show, with a detonator to get it started – that’ll set you back between US$20K and $100K – or you and up to 50 of your closest friends could rent your own Boeing 737 to fly you to Vegas and enjoy Drai’s hospitality, fireworks and top-shelf champagne for a cool US$737K.

If three-quarters of a million is a little outside the limits of your disposable income then you can always plump for the Beach Club’s Sunday afternoon specials (two bottles of premium vodka for US$600), or just teetotal it and buy tickets alone: Eric Prydz this Friday May 23 will set you back US$58.25 if you’re a dude or $23.30 if you’re a lady. Check out the full bottle service and luxury package menus on the next page.


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