Help satirical dance news site Wunderground launch their hilarious t-shirt line

For the past year satirical dance music news website Wunderground Music has been confusing and entertaining readers with its often hilarious (and occasionally on-point) parody news articles, from the relatable (“Confused Guy At Party Can’t Remember What He Was Talking About”) to the acerbic (“David Guetta Replaced By Life Sized Cardboard Cut Out Of Himself For Upcoming Tour”).

The UK-based website is now planning to “jump off the screen and land right on your chest” with the launch of Wunderground Apparel, a range t-shirts, singlets and sweatshirts with 16 tongue-in-cheek designs. If you’re looking for a bold sartorial statement that makes your disdain for certain big name DJs, music-snob hipsters and pre-recorded sets public knowledge, or you want to profess your love for Frankie Knuckles, cake and beards, then head over to the Wunderground Apparel indiegogo page, where they’re raising the money to make the clothing line a reality.

A donation of £4 (AUD$7.20) will get you a laptop decal, £19 (AUD$34.50) will get you a t-shirt or singlet, and £99 (AUD$180) gets you four t-shirts, a hoodie or sweatshirt and a tote bag, all emblazoned with a witty logo of your choice and made from, in the words of Wunderground, “100 percent DJ fur”. They’re currently sitting at £1400 raised on their way to a £5000 goal – check out a few of the best designs below to whet your appetite.

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