Helena’s five favourite clubs in the world

Over the last five years, DJ Helena has cultivated a reputation as one of the country’s hardest-working EDM peddlers. Besides dropping her new single Levity, she’s also just completed a whirlwind tour of the country, before kicking off her brand new 2014 residency at Las Vegas super club Drais. With an international touring schedule that takes in many of world’s biggest clubs, we thought what better person to ask for her five favourite places to play. Take a look below.

#5 Mansion, Miami

“I love Miami and Mansion is one of the best venues I have played in. It’s just so impressive; the sound is so crisp and it’s super loud with its booming Function One sound system. The crowd are really fun too and even though the venue has a large VIP element, they are really up for it.

“Visually, this place looks amazing – it has a real Ibiza vibe to it with its themed dancers and entertainers hanging off the ceiling. Plus, they’ve put a lot into the production in this place. I’ve had so much fun every time I have played here; I’m back again in August for a headline show and I already can’t wait!”

#4 New City Gas, Montreal

“This place is really special, achieving a real underground feel in a massive club. It runs back like a long tunnel with lots of brickwork, with the DJ box elevated and looking down on thousands of people. Canadians have a reputation for being one of the best crowds in the world and they really are. I get the biggest rush playing at this club; the crowd is crazy, so up for it. There’s a really special atmosphere and buzz in this place! I can’t wait to go back.”

#3 Family Nightclub, Brisbane

“Family was one of the first major clubs in Australia to book me and it’s still my favourite to this day. In my opinion, Family is the best club in Australia, hands down. The crowd is a proper music crowd, they get it, so I feel can truly be myself musically here. The venue layout, visuals, atmosphere, sound; everything about this club is a DJ’s dream. I have had some really epic nights playing here; it holds a special place in my heart. I always look forward to coming back to Australia to play at Family.”

#2 Pacha, New York

“If I were to create the perfect club, it would be Pacha NYC. It feels like a proper club – it’s all about the music in this place, and the crowd are hardcore up for it; the last time I played here I played until 6am and they still wanted more. The layout, the crisp loud sound system, the positioning of the DJ box being right in the middle of the club as the main focus…every box is ticked for me in this venue. There are no fancy tricks in here either: no confetti, no Co2 cannons, it’s all about the music and the crowd. Every show I have done here has been off the hook epic. This club is super special.”

#1 Drais, Las Vegas

“OK – so I know this club doesn’t open for another few weeks, but it has to go as my number one – I’ve seen all the plans and pictures of this venue and it will be absolutely incredible! Trust me when I say it will be one of the most talked about clubs in the world. With a 5000-capacity nightclub and the rooftop day club with 360-degree views of all of Vegas, private cabanas and multiple pools, this place is going to be all shades of epic. The attention to detail going into this place is insane. I just signed a 2014 residency at Drais, so it will be my new Vegas home and playground for the next year; it’s extra special to me.”