Hear the new Porter Robinson remix he “loves so much”

The star-studded remix album of Porter Robinson’s stand-out debut Worlds is dropping on 2 October, but the auteur producer has been keeping busy in the meantime by leaking Worlds Remixed tracks.

Last week Robinson’s dropped Mat Zo’s “so, so incredible” edit of Worlds stand-out Flicker, and earlier today Robinson snuck out a second track – a rework of Sea Of Voices by emerging Danish producer Galimatias, who gives the ethereal original fresh vocals, some jazz club piano and a little Jersey Club springiness. “I love this so, so much,” Robinson tweeted – you can listen to the remix below via SoundCloud.

Still to come from Worlds Remixed are edits by ODESZA, Slumberjack, Sleepy Tom, Chrome Sparks and more – stay tuned for the inevitable extra leaks. In the meantime, you can probably expect to hear a bunch of the Worlds remixes dropped into Porter Robinson’s upcoming DJ sets throughout November and December at the USA’s TomorrowWorld, plus Mexico, Hawaii, Singapore and the massive Djakarta Warehouse Project in Indonesia. [Photo by Mark Davis]