Hear the new Dillon Francis single he’s “super f**king stoked about”

“HERE WE GOOOOO!!!!” Dillon Francis posted excitedly to Facebook earlier today. “After two years in the making I’m extremely happy to announce my debut album Money Sucks, Friends Rule is going to be releasing on October 28th! Thank you all for the love and support!”

Australia, happily, will get to hear the much anticipated album even sooner, with an Australian iTunes release date of October 24. You can pre-order the album on iTunes now, and also stream the brand new single When We Were Young, a collab’ with producer duo Sultan & Ned Shepard featuring vocals from ‘indietronica’ musician The Chain Gang of 1974.

“IM SUPER FUCKING STOKED,” Francis understatedly wrote on SoundCloud. “ITS A SONG ABOUT WISHING I WAS YOUNG AGAIN SO I COULD PLAY POKEMON AND USE A SKIP IT AND HAVE AOL AGAIN AND HAVE A FURBIE.” The new single’s a departure from Francis’s previous bass-driven trap and Moombahton sound; a radio-ready slice of emotive anthemic house.

The rest of the Money Sucks, Friends Rule tracklist, as posted by Spin, reveals a promisingly mixed bag of collaborations with the likes of Martin Garrix, local legends The Presets, Major Lazer, TJR and Chicago rapper Twista. “It’s just a collection of work,” Francis explained to inthemix back in January. “It’s some pop stuff, some Moombahton stuff, some 100-BPM hip-hop stuff. It’s everything.”

Francis has previously spoken about his frustration with the delays in getting his debut album out. “It’s all like these weird semantics of labels that they have to have this release structure – which I understand now, but at the beginning I didn’t. I’m kind of bummed, but I get it,” Francis told inthemix in February, assuring that the album would see a July release.

In the meantime, Francis signed with major label Columbia Records, and the album now has a release date locked for October 24 in Australia. You can pre-order it on iTunes or grab the ‘Ultimate Player Bundle’, including the deluxe CD, a new t-shirt and Francis’s Meow That’s What I Call Music compilation over at his merch site. Check out the tracklist, album artwork and the new single When We Were Young below. [Article photo by Rukes.]

Money Sucks, Friends Rule tracklist

1. All That (feat. Twista & The Rejectz)

2. Get Low (with DJ Snake)

3. When We Were Young (with Sultan + Ned Shepard feat. Chain Gang of 1974)

4. Set Me Free (with Martin Garrix)

5. Drunk All The Time (feat. Simon Lord)

6. Love in the Middle of a Firefight (feat. Brendon Urie)

7. Not Butter

8. I Can’t Take It

9. We Are Impossible (feat. The Presets)

10. We Make It Bounce (feat. Major Lazer & Stylo G)

11. What’s That Spell? (feat. TJR)

12. Hurricane