Hear the BBC’s head-scratching advice for getting into Berghain

The “how to get into Berghain” question has been chewed over ad nauseam in dance music circles, but now is apparently high time for the BBC World Service to wade into the conversation.

The BBC’s quaint four-minute radio segment, ‘How to get into Berlin’s coolest club’, follows the recent ruling in German court that deemed Berghain high culture. This distinction affords the club a lower tax rate, joining the same tax bracket as theatres, concert halls and museums. According to a report in the Guardian newspaper, Berghain’s defence lawyer Peter Raue made a convincing case in court when he argued that “concertgoers may achieve a similar intoxicating effect from a Mahler symphony as from a DJ set”.

With that in mind, the BBC tasked a local Berlin reporter with unpacking the club’s mystique for an audience unaccustomed to queuing at the world-renowned techno temple. While the report hits on the expected talking points and not much in the way of pragmatic advice, it also includes a few surreal moments.

Don’t worry about being rejected, the reporter quips, because “even Britney Spears was sent away a couple of years ago” while someone with a bloodied face got in fine. Later comes the advice not to clap after a DJ winds down their set: “You better not. They’ll probably kick you out for that, because it makes you seem like a tourist. Real Berliners are never too enthusiastic about something, even if it’s high culture.”

Take a listen to the BBC’s report below – needless to say, that photo they’ve chosen was not taken inside Berghain. The article illustration above of notorious bouncer Sven Marquardt is by Nergal Youkhana for inthemix’s feature on a weekend at Berghain.