Hear Slumberjack, Lido, swindail and more remix Alison Wonderland

Alison Wonderland has shared no fewer than 27 (!) remixes of her hit Messiah in a new megamix, with everyone from Slumberjack to Lido, Feki and swindail contributing edits.

She tapped production collective TeamSupreme (made up of DJs Mr. Carmack, Hoodboi and Djemba Djemba) to piece it all together. They took Messiah, put the callout to artists, then sorted through the submissions to compile the final mix.

“300+ producers sent back 1-minute remixes, and TeamSupreme mixed together 27 of the best ones,” Wonderland explained. “When I started making music, I always wished I was given stems to play around with so I want to give back.”

She’s dubbed the end result the F*** Me(ssiah) Up On A Spiritual Level, because of course. Wrap your ears around the full mix below and keep scrolling for the full list of producers involved.

Alison Wonderland Messiah mix

0:00-0:55 @awe
0:55-2:04 @neofresco
2:04-3:12 @snufmusic
3:12-4:20 @chattytrees
4:20-5:14 @andravida
5:14-6:24 @auralponic
6:24-7:20 @swindail
7:20-8:42 @tsuruda
8:42-9:36 @cambotmusic
9:36-10:46 @samnezz
10:46-11:40 @flyingsquirrelbeats
11:40-13:02 @officialjupe
13:02-14:04 @nukumachi
14:04-14:58 @slumberjack
14:58-15:26 @taskerthetasker
15:26-16:50 @grrrreatdane
16:50-17:46 @svberbeats
17:46-18:54 @kianzohoury
18:54-19:52 @mrmph
19:52-21:14 @fekibeats
21:14-22:20 @davidkimmusic
22:20-23:02 @thingstoimproveupon
23:02-24:06 @jabair
24:06-25:16 @takefivemusic
25:16-26:26 @miscenemy
26:26-27:20 @boltex
27:20-fin @lidogotsongs