Hear ‘Let Go’, the biggest track from Deadmau5’s new album

Earlier this month, Joel ‘Deadmau5’ Zimmerman dropped the news everyone wanted to hear: his new album W:/2016ALBUM/ is ready to go and will be released December 2 via his label mau5trap.

Now, he’s shared Let Go, the latest taste of his new album. The horde may recognise Let Go – which mau5trap HQ describe as the “centrepiece” of the album – as a reworked version of  the 2015 SoundCloud experiment Blood for the Bloodgoat, which features moody vocals from New York singer Grabbitz. At nearly 12 minutes long, it’s Deadmau5 at his most epic.

Let Go is the second track from the new album Zimmerman has officially shared, following 4ware, which premiered on BBC Radio 1 with Pete Tong.

According to his chat with the host, W:/2016ALBUM/ is a collection of the music he’s spent the last couple of years working on. “It’s been a really busy last couple years just with so many things going on, now I’m finally able to at least collect all the stuff I’ve been able to to do in the interim and slap it together and put it out,” Joel said. “I think I’ve just trained myself to be so picky that I have to be in my chair in my studio [to produce].”

But in a series of tweets yesterday, the mau5 has revealed he isn’t exactly happy with how the album shaped up:


W:/2016ALBUM/ is available for pre-order now. Maybe you’ll like it more than Deadmau5 does.

W:/2016ALBUM/ tracklist:

1. 4ware
2. 2448
3. Cat Thruster
4. Deus Ex Machina
5. Gish
6. Imaginary Friends
7. Let Go (feat. Grabbitz)
8. No Problem
9. Snowcone
10. Three Pound Chicken Wing
11. Whelk Then