Hear ‘Lay Down’, the first new single from Touch Sensitive in four years

When it comes to new music, Touch Sensitive is all about quality over quantity.

The last official single we heard from the Sydney producer way back in 2013, when he shared the hugely successful ‘Pizza Guy’which we later ranked at #31 in our list of Best Australian Dance Tracks Of All Time. Since then he’s been on tour after tour, occasionally dropping remixes for fellow Aus acts (such as Hayden James’ ‘Permission To Love’) or cuts like ‘Arnold’s Theme’ for Future Classic compilations.

Now, the producer born Michael Di Francesco is finally back with new material, in the form of a single called ‘Lay Down’. The club-ready banger was premiered on triple j’s Good Nights last night, and Di Francesco has already lined up a US tour off the back of its release — we’ll have to wait to see whether there are any local shows in the pipeline.

“I’ve always had a two or three year gap between releases, so why break the tradition now?” Di Francesco says of the gap between ‘Pizza Guy’ and ‘Lay Down’. “Whenever I make something, I ask myself two questions, ‘Would I keep this in my iTunes?’ and ‘Would I show this to my friends?’ That’s really how I judge music.”

We’ll definitely be keeping ‘Lay Down’ in our iTunes library — listen to it below.